Office of Equity and Inclusion

EKU Employee Online Educational Training:

On November 18, 2013, all employees received an email from Workplace Answers directing them to a link to take the Unlawful Harassment Prevention, EEO Laws and Discrimination Prevention, and Title IX Awareness and Violence Prevention trainings. These trainings are mandatory for all employees even if an employee recently completed the trainings under the previous system. Going forward, all employees must complete the three training modules once every two years as a condition of employment. All new employees must complete the three trainings within 30 days of their employment.

Employees can initiate and re-enter the modules. They do not have to be completed in a single session. Supervisors should provide employees work time to complete the trainings.

The Equal Opportunity Office (EOO) is responsible for the administrative management and policy implementation of the University's equal opportunity and affirmative action programs. We are obligated to be objective and un-biased, operating outside of any other agendas within the University.  Our mission is to promote a learning and working environment that provides equal opportunity, that is fair and responsible, and that is free of discrimination and harassment for all members of the University community.

The office performs the following four functions in service to the University community

Affirmative Action Plan
The Equal Opportunity Office is responsible for developing the University's affirmative action program and for maintaining data on all employment activity. The staff reviews university policies, practices and procedures for EO/AA compliance.

Recruitment and Selection Practices
The Equal Opportunity Office monitors the University's recruitment and selection activities for compliance with EO/AA.

Discrimination/Harassment Complaint Resolution
Students and employees should direct complaints of alleged discrimination/harassment to the Equal Opportunity Office. The Equal Opportunity Office processes complaints based on race, color, sex (including sexual harassment), age, sexual orientation, religion, disability, veteran status, national origin and genetic information.

Workshops and Educational Programs
The Equal Opportunity Office offers workshops on sexual harassment and discrimination issues. Equal Opportunity staff makes presentations to classes and to departments upon request. Additionally, the Equal Opportunity Office is available to participate in orientation sessions and meet with search committees.


Click Here for Eastern Kentucky University's University Diversity Plan (UDP).  The plan is written by the University Diversity Office and submitted to the Council on Post-Secondary Education for the 2011-2015 years.